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On the iPhone 5, the incoming voice drops in and out. The wave forms of the recordings clearly show low volume sounds are muted on the iPhone 5. The iPhone 4 does not have this problem, in call quality it beats the iPhone 5 hands down.

iPhone 5 measurements

The iPhone 5 completely mutes the lower volume sound bites. This hurts the intelligibility a lot.

iPhone 4 measurements

On the iPhone 4 the lower volume sound bites are still there. The intelligibility is great.
iPhone 4 and 5 measurements

Combining the images clearly shows the difference. The iPhone 5 (green) has less audio information then the iPhone 4 (red).

The images show the first 5 seconds of the interview that is played back in the YouTube video.

(last update: November 14, 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

iPhone 5 call quality